September 2010

Newsletter Number 132

The team routinely gets quite excited about the fact that September is a month full of historical anniversaries: on the 8th of September 1565 Ottoman forces retreated from Malta following defeat at the hands of the Knights of St John in the Great Siege. On the same day, but in 1943 during the Second World War, Fascist Italy surrendered to the Allies and the Italian Fleet came to anchor at St. Paul’s Bay. September is also related to the Maltese insurrection against the French, beginning on the 2nd of September 1798 and ending in victory for Malta and its British ally on the 5th of September 1800. And it was on 21 September 1964 that Malta acquired independence from Britain.

Outside Malta, September has become the month associated with that horrendous terrorist in 2001 attack that changed the world as we knew it considerably. The MaltaMedia Online Network will forever be closely associated with the Maltese perspective on the 9/11 attacks. Aside from the coverage we gave from New York in 2001, you can still download a series of audio reports that were released as the world’s first podcasting series in Maltese five years ago.

Our podcasting output is now entering its sixth year. The weekly music podcast called Mużika Mod Ieħor ma’ Toni Sant continues featuring music by Maltese performers around the world. The entire series (more than 223 episodes) is still available for free download.

Toni Sant
Consulting Editor

1. Daily News from August 2010

01 Video: Malta police instrumental in drugs bust on Greek island
02 Video: Malta less popular with tourists
03 Video: 62.2% of SMEs report lower profit
04 50 per cent drop in EU irregular migrant crossings
05 Video: Over 10,000 fans at Winter Moods concert
06 Brother of Simshar victim seeks financial assistance
07 Two Gozitans arrested on drugs and rape charges
08 Majority want divorce issue decided through referendum
09 Video: Police investigate shark attack
10 Man arraigned after stealing €20,000 in hold up
11 Suspended jail term for skinny dipping
12 Video: Maltese earn over €3.3b gross
13 Tributes pour in for Guido de Marco
14 Dead body found under firework factory debris
15 Video: Man seriously injured in pub stabbing attack
16 Video: Final farewell to Guido de Marco
17 Video: Man dies in bulldozer incident
18 Video: Judge regrets having to retire at 65
19 Video: EU accuses government of discrimination
20 Majority of nurse applicants are foreign
21 American arrested in airport drugs find
22 Nurse and salesman swindle patients in hospital scam
23 Video: Archbishop Cremona possible Cardinal
24 Hotel guest nights increase by 16 per cent
25 Sliema mayor and councillor resign from PN
26 US Ambassador to Malta injured in car accident
27 GRTU members instructed to ignore MEPA
28 Bishops warn against crusades in divorce debate
29 Video: Inmate dies in hospital after complaining of pain
30 Video: MUT concerned on lack of teachers
31 Inbound tourism increases by over 17 per cent

2. Top Web Picks

a. M3P: Malta Music Memory Project

Take a sneak peek at a collaborative multimedia database of Maltese music and associated arts, which will be officially launched during the upcoming Notte Bianca: Lejl Imdawwal in Valletta on 25 September 2010. The launch events include an inaugural symposium with live acoustic music and a networking workshop at St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity as well as a rock concert at Hastings Garden. Created and led by Toni Sant from the University of Hull – Scarborough Campus (UK), this project aims to build a living archive of Maltese music and popular culture across genres and time. The launch is supported by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism, the Environment & Culture.

b. Skola Ħbieb

Years before Facebook conquered the online world, Maltese Internet users had their very own way to reconnect and keep in touch with their old school mates. Since 2001 Skola Ħbieb has registered 11,134 members and the number keeps on growing on a regular basis. While Facebook and other popular global social media networks offer wonderful opportunities to get develop all sorts of friendships, Skola Ħbieb is geared mainly towards enabling you to stay in touch with your old classmates. Some of these friendships span decades and they’re all based on face-to-face interactions over an extended number of years. If you went to school in Malta it’s almost impossible not to find someone you know on the Skola Ħbieb website.

3. This Month in Maltese History

40 YEARS AGO ( 16 September 1970 )
In a European Cup Winners match in Malta, Hibernians draw 0-0 with Real Madrid.

20 YEARS AGO (18 September 1990 )
Guido de Marco is elected President of the 45th Annual UN General Assembly.

10 YEARS AGO ( 22 September 2000 )
The St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity opens with a spectacle of music, art, film, dance and theatre.

9 September 1939: Ġorġ Peresso, Poet/Broadcaster
12 September 1967: Immanuel Mifsud, Author/Poet
22 September 1965: Tony Drago, Billiards Player
25 September 1976: Chiara Siracusa, Singer

6 September 1986: Paul Nani, Composer, dies at 90
8 September 1961: Ġuzé Ellul Mercer, Politician/Writer, dies at 64
21 September 1986: Charles Izzo, Actor/Writer, dies at 74
22 September 2007: Mario Serracino Inglott, Linguist/Chess master, dies at 72

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