October 2010

Newsletter Number 133

This is 12th edition of this monthly newsletter in this volume. It has now been exactly one year since we moved to the new look and layout for our monthly newsletter. It’s also the 10th anniversary of this newsletter.

This pioneering project was started by Grazio Falzon in 1994. Yes it has already been 16 years since Malta first appeared on the worldwide web. Grazio’s Malta Virtwali, the world’s first Malta-related website, became aboutmalta.com in August 1999 and this monthly newsletter from aboutmalta.com appeared for the first time in October 2000.

We have now been producing this monthly online publication for ten continuous years. Our opt-in only subscriber base has swelled considerably from just a few hundreds to thousands of internet users. Thank you very much for your interest in aboutmalta.com and please spread the word whenever you can.

Toni Sant
Consulting Editor

1. MaltaMedia.com Daily News from September 2010

01 Sliema Mayor pleads not guilty to bribery charges
02 Joanna Gonzi new Sliema mayor
03 Dr Peter Grech to be appointed Attorney General
04 Video: Eight local Councils resignations since January
05 Video: 341 women die of breast cancer in 10 years
06 Fourth person dead in Gozo fireworks tragedy
07 Video: Malta lacks firework manufacture standards- MSA
08 Video: Fireworks factory explosion claims 6th victim
09 Meat production on the decline
10 Video: New Chief Justice to tackle efficiency at law courts
11 Ministry of Health condemns MUMN actions
12 PM shows regret on Arms services
13 Elderly man dies in one-storey fall
14 Video: Second dolphin born at marine park
15 Video: Last farewell to Għarb’s explosion victims
16 Malta is a sex trafficking destination- ECPAT
17 Man charged with defiling 11-year-old niece
18 Video: Jeweler injured in failed hold-up
19 Lockerbie bomber claims betrayal by Maltese witness
20 German TV crew film hunting of birds at Dingli
21 Malta celebrates Independence Day
22 Man accused with attempted murder of a 13-year-old
23 Parliamentary Secretary resigns over perjury charges
24 Gozitan boy critically injured in one-storey fall
25 Video: Exciting Notte Bianca about to begin
26 German in critical condition after diving
27 Video: 15% of Maltese in the risk of poverty
28 Dom Mintoff leaves Mater Dei
29 Malta participates in EU emergency crisis exercise
30 Suspended sentence for causing jogger’s death

2. Top Web Picks

a. M3P: Malta Music Memory Project

A collaborative multimedia database of Maltese music and associated arts was officially launched during the most recent Notte Bianca: Lejl Imdawwal in Valletta on 25 September 2010. The launch events included an inaugural symposium with live acoustic music and a networking workshop at St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity as well as a rock concert at Hastings Garden. Created and led by Toni Sant from the University of Hull – Scarborough Campus (UK), this project aims to build a living archive of Maltese music and popular culture across genres and time. The project is partly supported by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism, the Environment & Culture. You can also follow the M3P: Malta Music Memory Project on Facebook

b. Skola Ħbieb

Years before Facebook conquered the online world, Maltese Internet users had their very own way to reconnect and keep in touch with their old school mates. Since 2001 Skola Ħbieb has registered 11,134 members and the number keeps on growing on a regular basis. While Facebook and other popular global social media networks offer wonderful opportunities to get develop all sorts of friendships, Skola Ħbieb is geared mainly towards enabling you to stay in touch with your old classmates. Some of these friendships span decades and they’re all based on face-to-face interactions over an extended number of years. If you went to school in Malta it’s almost impossible not to find someone you know on the Skola Ħbieb website.

3. This Month in Maltese History

40 YEARS AGO ( 14 October 1970 )
The three Apollo 13 astronauts leave Malta after a 3-day visit.

25 YEARS AGO ( 9 October 1985 )
The Partit Demokratiku Malti (PDM) officially opens its central offices at Old Theatre Street in Valletta.

10 YEARS AGO ( 1 October 2000 )
Vodafone (Malta) launched the first SMS (Short Messaging System) service for mobile phones in Malta as a direct result of the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector being implemented at the time.

1 October 1962: Eileen Montesin, Actress/Broadcaster
3 October 1937: Richard England, Architect
25 October 1947: Mary Spiteri, Singer
28 October 1934: Hilary Tagliaferro, Priest and Sports Journalist

3 October 2002: Bernard Scerri, Bass player, dies at 36
13 October 1961: Karm Psaila, Priest and Poet, dies at 90
14 October 2005: Salvinu Tellus, Broadcaster, dies at 87
15 October 2002: Alicia Joy, Dancer/Choreographer, dies at 42

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