August 2010

Newsletter Number 131

You may have noticed that sites directly associated with have been updated and refreshed in a way that enables more direct engagement between us and our site visitors. is one of the more popular websites on our network and we’re now in the process of bringing it in line with the rest of our services. We’re hoping you’ll notice the change by the start of September, which is considered by many to be the beginning of the weather year.

Meanwhile, gears up for the upcoming sports season and before the summer ends we’ll be looking at a surge of interest in that direction. Sports is not everyone’s cup of tea, but judging from the number of people who continue to follow directly or through the site’s Facebook page we’re encouraged to wave the flag for what has become one of the most outstanding offerings on our network.

Toni Sant
Consulting Editor

1. Daily News from July 2010

01 Gas prices to rise from Friday
02 Man charged with corrupting 13-year-old girl
03 Video: France accepts 95 immigrants
04 African women lured from Malta into EU sex-slavery rings
05 Video: 65% of refugees in Malta granted asylum
06 Video: MP presents private member’s bill for divorce
07 Two men charged with foiled bank robbery
08 Man jailed for threatening wife
09 Video:Mother of one-year-old baby dies in head-on collision
10 Russian girl dies in fall
11 Video: Bill on cohabitation by end of year
12 Video: Man dies after yacht hits small boat
13 Russian student charged with attempted murder
14 Video: Man dies from drowning in boat collision
15 Video: Government discussing Air Malta rescue plan with EU
16 Eight arrested in illegal gambling racket
17 Video: 10-year-old-girl loses battle for life
18 Video: 28 illegal immigrants rescued in Maltese waters
19 Video: Francesca Gaspar crowned Miss World Malta 2010
20 Children photographed in Malta for pedophilia
21 Video: Chaos at hospital emergency department
22 Man seriously injured in Bumarrad accident
23 Video: Photographer dies in fall off cliffs
24 BP to drill deep-water well in Libya
25 Tax cut promise “a bit difficult” to keep – Finance Minister
26 ST workers approve austerity measures
27 Video: Pre-budget document launched
28 Video: Maltese population down by 1.6%
29 Video: Belgian tycoon may save Freeport container company
30 Video: Malta involved in EU campaign against illegal tuna fishing
31 Arriva chosen as preferred bidder for Malta bus contract

Take a look back at the month of July 2010 in video.

2. Top Web Picks

a. on Facebook

Now in its 14th year online, is also available on Facebook. You can easily add the latest football news, results and fixtures  to your Facebook livestream just by adding yourself to the websites followers on Facebook. It’s a great way to keep tabs on the longest standing sports information service from the Maltese Islands. You can read all the headlines and summaries on Facebook itself and you can get the full details on the latest update with one simple click.

b. Skola Ħbieb

Years before Facebook conquered the online world, Maltese Internet users had their very own way to reconnect and keep in touch with their old school mates. Since 2001 Skola Ħbieb has registered 11,134 members and the number keeps on growing on a regular basis. While Facebook and other popular global social media networks offer wonderful opportunities to get develop all sorts of friendships, Skola Ħbieb is geared mainly towards enabling you to stay in touch with your old classmates. Some of these friendships span decades and they’re all based on face-to-face interactions over an extended number of years. If you went to school in Malta it’s almost impossible not to find someone you know on the Skola Ħbieb website.

3. This Month in Maltese History

30 YEARS AGO ( 30 August 1980 )
The Maltese permanent representative at the United Nations submits a letter to the President of the Security Council and to the U.N. Secretary-General calling for an urgent meeting to debate the median line dispute with Libya.

20 YEARS AGO ( 30 August 1990 )
Tina Turner performs a live concert at the Independence Arena in Floriana; this is the largest rock concert staged in Malta to date.

10 YEARS AGO ( 27 August 2000 )
Two Maltese emigrants, Mario and Lilian Borg, sail into Msida Creek on their 39-foot boat Maltese Falcon. They sailed from Canada to Malta, starting at Port Credit, Ontario on 3 October 1999.

6 August 1916: Dom Mintoff, Politician
14 August 1960: Mary Anne Lauri, Psychologist
16 August 1944: Charles “City” Gatt, Musician/Artist
26 August 1964: Daphne Caruana Galizia, Opinion Writer

1 August 1964: Nosi Ghirlando, Actor, dies at 56
3 August 2004: Maggie Borg, Social Activist, dies at 52
12 August 1996: Oscar Lucas, Jazz Musician/Band Leader, 75
25 August 2009: Desmond Vella, Entrepreneur & Promoter, dies at 35

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