Welcome to the Malta Mailing List

This mailing list is for a wide-ranging, open-ended discussion of Malta and things Maltese and - while virtually unmoderated - is governed by the self-imposed concept of polite, reasoned discussion.

The purpose of the Mailing List is to facilitate a discussion of anything related to Malta or things Maltese - from the mundane to the sublime - even if the connection is initially obvious only to the originator.

Anything pertaining to history, politics, sports, travel & tourism, education - to name a few - are more than welcome.

To send a message to the list, send it to

Joe Meadors List Owner


To subscribe to malta-digest, send the command:

subscribe malta-digest

in the body of a message to "". If you want to subscribe something other than the account the mail is coming from, such as when a mailer agent mangles your return address beyond recognition, then append that address to the "subscribe" command; for example, to subscribe "user-foo":

subscribe malta-digest

A non-digest (direct mail) version of this list is also available; to subscribe to that instead, replace all instances of "malta-digest" in the commands above with "malta".

Back issues are available by sending the following message to

get malta-digest vNN.nMMM

where "NN" is the volume number, and "MMM" is the issue number.
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