The Magic of Maltese History Comes Alive
Thousands of Years, Thousands of Children

7,500 years of history in 12 stories for children. Each book follows a boy or girl in a period of Maltese history.

	Volume 1   Xrina at Hagar Qim:  The Temple Culture
	Volume 2   Phoenicians:  Seafaring Traders
	Volume 3   Roman Empire: Mediterranean Outpost
	Volume 4   St. Paul's Shipwreck:  The Asp
	Volume 5   Byzantine Island
	Volume 6   Arabic Days:  Oranges and Cotton
	Volume 7   Sicilian Links:  Northern Conquerors
	Volume 8   Knights of Malta:  The First Great Siege
	Volume 9   Napoleon:  Conquest and Humiliation
	Volume 10  British Empire:  Behind the Victoria Lines
	Volume 11  WWII: The Santa Maria Convoy
	Volume 12  Independence and Beyond:  Malta Today and Malta

Volume 1

The Temple Builders of Malta in full color! You are there as a stone is set at Hagar Qim! Dance to celebrate another brilliant day in Malta!

Historical Note for Adults

Hagar Qim and the Temple Builders: The Megalith Mystery

This story brings to life the builders of the stone temples in Malta. These temples were probably built between 5,500 and 4,500 years ago, more than 1,000 years before Egyptians began putting up pyramids. There are many theories about what the temples were used for, and who built them. One of the more widely accepted theories is that the temples were centers for some type of worship. The temples themselves contain altars and chambers. Animal sacrifices may have been offered on these altars. It is certain that a highly organized society was required to construct such massive structures. What is not certain is how the society was organized. The mystery of these megaliths only adds to our awe and wonder when we visit these sites. The magic of Malta began thousands of year ago.

Activity Suggestions

Take this book and a child with you when you visit Hagar Qim. Or take pictures at Hagar Qim to show the children in your life, comparing the pictures with the scenes from Xrinas story. Read these books aloud to children, over and over again, while the kids look at the illustrations. Ask children to read Xrinas story aloud to you. Point out the authentic tools, toys, and household implements in Xrinas house. Bring your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews back to Malta with you to see Hagar Qim and all the other wonderfully historic sites in Malta.


This is an exciting day for Xrina.

They're setting the big stone at the new temple.

She wants to look her best for the celebration.

Xrina's mother helps with her hair.

Qrim, Xrina's brother, is learning how to cut stone at the quarry.

When he is older, he will work with his father. But if he doesnt finish this stone, he cannot come to the raising.

Hariq, Xrina's father, is the master stone setter.

He is in charge of placing each stone in the temple in its proper position.

Hariq has many men working for him at temples on Malta and Gozo.

Qrim finished! He can join his sister for the celebration!

Qrim rushes to get ready.

All of the people from Xrina's village, and from the other villages on the island, are there.

The stone weighs more than 20 tons

At Hagar Qim, Xrina and the others sing encouragement.

At the temple, the stone slides into its hole.

Xrina enjoys the celebration.

She can't wait until the next big stone is set. Children of Malta

Volume 1

The Temple Culture

Story by Kent Clizbe

Illustrations by Ignat Konstantinov

For Elias and Isaac, who gave me new eyes. And for my Sayang, who always gives her all.

Series Concept, Story, and Text 1998 Kent Clizbe
Illustrations and Design 1998 Ignat Konstantinov

ISBN: 0-9656252-1-4

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Just Like You and Me

We dont know much about the Temple People, but we do know that they were human beings and had feelings, thoughts and ideas, just like you and me. Little girls like Xrina were born, grew up, had their own children and passed away like so many waves breaking on the shore of St. Pauls Bay. We cant be sure exactly what they wore, what their houses looked like, what they ate, even why they built the temples. But we can be sure that they had feelings, thoughts, and ideas like you and me. Feelings of love and joy, anger and elation; thoughts of beauty and peace, of God and creation; ideas about why the sun rose in the east, why we all die, how the earth came to be.

With these stories we hope to help the children in your lives understand that the piles of rocks, limestone walls, paintings, palaces, forts, and other artifacts you have seen in Malta represent the lives of living, breathing people. People who were kids, just like your kids. Kids who laughed a lot and cried sometimes. Kids who loved to play but had to work, too.

History with a face is history remembered. We hope that the history of Malta will come alive for you and be enjoyed as much in your house as it has been in ours.


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